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Buying a mattress

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Buying a mattress

Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

Have you noticed that you sleep better at hotels or at a friend’s house? All things being equal, it probably means that it is time for a mattress change. Experts recommend that a mattress not be used for more than eight to ten years. Even then, that is based on regular rotation and cleaning. Before you go out and buy a latex mattress Canada, here are the three major mattress types to choose from:

Memory foam

This mostly polyurethane foam is a favorite of people who suffer from joint issues and back pain. It uses body heat to mold itself. When a section gets warmer it shifts to accommodate the shape of the body in that area. Once you shift position, the shape reverts to its original form and adjusts to the new location. The queen size memory foam mattress is the most popular size available.


These are the most common mattresses available. They consist of steel springs in various configurations in terms of position and numbers. There are various types of innerspring mattresses. Usually, they consist of springs along with other layers to increase comfort and cushioning. The primary issue with an innerspring mattress is when one person shift position the other will feel the bounce from the springs.

Adjustable air

This type of mattress allows adjustable firmness by pumping in or releasing air. It is usually a mattress of multiple layers of foam with one adjustable later towards to the top. It comes with a pump. Due to the noise from the pump, it is advisable to make any adjustments before sleeping.


The Foam Factory, Inc specializes in manufacturing various foam products ideal for the indoors and outdoors. Look to them for your next king size memory foam mattress.

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