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Construction expert witness: A hiring guide

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Construction expert witness: A hiring guide

Written by Lyle Charles

A construction expert witness can help you analyze the facts of a construction case. Most often one case may need a list of different construction expert witnesses who are specialized in different aspects of construction. If the construction firm has an in-house construction claims consultant, they will be able to let the management know what experts are needed to reduce or eliminate payments that need to be paid as part of the claim. Here are 4 such experts explained.

Construction safety experts – If someone is injured while working on a site, a construction safety expert will assess if the construction work site was safe or if the standards fell short. These experts will have knowledge about the industry norms and latest developments.

Material and tool experts – If an injury was caused due to defective machinery on a construction site, these experts will determine if it was working properly and used in the right capacity.

Medical experts – If someone has a medical injury that has resulted in a serious medical condition, doctors will be needed to give their expert advice. These experts will give their opinion on the injuries suffered in comparison to the incident in question.

Design experts – These experts do not necessary give analysis on physical injury, but give their opinion on design specifications and if the project was built as planned. For example, an Architect could analyze his/her drawings and state that the project was not built according to the plans provided.


Construction is costly without factoring in the costs of litigation, which is becoming more common by the day. According to Lyle Charles Consulting, construction turnaround services can help cut those costs and provide a fair resolution to disputes that commonly arise.

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