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Garage door preventative maintenance

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Garage door preventative maintenance

Written by Superior Garage Doors

2As the largest moving component of your house, which is used almost twice a day, every day. A single car home, will at minimum have about 1000+ movements a year. That is potentially a lot of wear and tear on a mechanical system. The best thing to do is some preventative maintenance. This way you will reduce wear and tear, increase its lifetime and reduce the likelihood of needing to call garage door services atlanta.

Here is a list of checks you can perform.

  • Keep the door clean
  • Check and replace the rollers
  • Tighten loose screws and brackets
  • Redo worn weather stripping
  • Regularly lubricate moving parts
  • Cable inspection
  • Regularly test auto reverse safety

In addition to the above there are two major concerns to keep an eye out for. The first is to listen for any strange or concerning noise from the garage door. Whenever you return, get off the car and close the garage door. This way you will be able to pick out any issues. The other is with the balance of the door. Check if the door is not perfectly level. If it is not there can problems with one side and that can cause long term issues. For both these issues it is better to call garage door installation atlanta to have a look at it.

Superior Garage Doors are experts in garage door repairs, maintenance and installation. Call them for your next garage door repair marietta ga.


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