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How to manage your home remodel

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How to manage your home remodel

We all have dreams about how we want our home to look. The internet doesn’t help, with thousands of beautiful examples and designs. However, if you do go down that route and plan a big remodel, it is critical that you learn to manage the project or you will end up with delays and cost overruns when working with contractors. Here are some tips on how to manage your remodel:

Make lists

Make a master list of everything that needs to be done as part of the remodel. Then break each of those components down into sublists. Keep moving down that tree until each list item cannot be broken down any further. This document is now your complete scope of work.


Now look at each of those items and create item specifications for each. When you ask for quotes from multiple contractors, the specifications will get your more accurate quotes and faster responses.


When working on a home remodel, it is quite likely that you will be working with more than one contractor at a time. Provide all contractors with the entire specifications and scope of work so that each one knows what the other one is doing. This avoids any potential clashes when two teams want to work on the same area.


The more you plan out the remodel the better. You can minimize the amount of hassle and confusion by planning each goal down to the smallest detail. You will want to include locations, dimensions, and directions for everything.

Article by Lyle Charles. An expert in commercial and residential construction and construction claims management.

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