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Important properties of cushion foam

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Important properties of cushion foam

Summary: There are four primary properties of cushion foam you should think about when buying: firmness, density, water drainage, and treatments.

Whether you are replacing the cushions on the sofa or your boat, there are four primary properties you should consider. Here they are:


We measure the firmness of foam with a value called the IDF, or Indentation Force Deflection. The value is the amount of poundage it takes to compress the foam by 25%. Some vendors generalize the values down to soft, firm, and hard while others provide the exact values.


When it comes to the density of the foam, the higher the value, the better. The density has its value, which is the amount of air per cubic foot of foam, expressed as pounds. There are some applications, such as on a boat, where higher density is not appropriate for the amount of use.


Closed cell foams do not absorb any water. Other foam that easily drains will get a three-star rating. You can also protect foam that does not drain well with a silk film to prevent moisture getting into the air pockets.


Mold and mildew is a common issue with foam products, especially when exposed to the elements. Some foams come with treatments to reduce or prevent both mildew and mold. The recommendation is to use pre-treated foam for marine or outdoor applications.

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