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Kitchen cabinet refacing and restyling

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Kitchen cabinet refacing and restyling

Kitchen is the hub of the activity in your home. You need to keep it beautiful as well as functional. Overtime, wear and tear takes away the look of the kitchen cabinets and requires replacement. However, replacement of kitchen cabinets is a costly proposition and the alternative is to reface and restyle.

Kitchen cabinet reface and restyle save money, takes less time and it is a greener way to get the job done. The refacing is done by removing all existing cabinet doors, drawers, and moldings leaving only the cabinet boxes and sides. New wood strips and panels are installed on the removed doors to create a new look and installed back. Sanding and polishing will enhance the look. New crown moldings are also installed. A wider selection of wood and stains are available in the market. This process strengthens your existing cabinets. Refaced cabinets will give you a new look and save you money.

You need to shop carefully before hiring a professional to do the work. Talk to previous customers of the contractor. Also, look into new functional drawer boxes, easy glide rollers, and roll-out trays that will accommodate pots and pans and allow you to retrieve them easily.

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