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Make your sofa cushions feel new again

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Make your sofa cushions feel new again

Summary: Any cushion, over time, will become flat, lose support and provide less comfort. Make your cushions feel new again by replacing the foam and/or adding batting.

Regardless of how well you use them, over time your sofa cushions will start to feel flat and lose support. The cushions won’t feel as comfortable and will need constant adjustments. The wear and tear of the foam are natural and happens to any foam surface over the years. The only way to fix them is to replace the foam.

Replacing the foam inserts is not hard. Take the existing foam out of the cushion covers and measure the three dimensions of the cover. Getting the right measurements is important as we will order the foam to match the cover. There are two options when it comes to the foam; you can order a large block and cut it with a knife or order precut blocks to your measurements. The larger block allows for more flexibility, but the pre-cut blocks will save you some time.

Replacing the foam is your chance to improve the comfort of your sofa cushions. If the cushions were hard, change the type of foam or go for smaller inserts with more batting.

Getting the foam inserts into the cushion covers is the tricky part. If your fabric has any play, then it isn’t too difficult. When the foam insert + batting is slightly larger than the cushion cover, you can compress it and squeeze it in by hand. Alternatively, there is a method that involves using a bag and a vacuum cleaner to compress the foam. Once you compress the foam, place it in the cushion and remove the bag.


Bio: Written by The Foam Factory, Specialists in manufacturing various foam products ideal for the indoors and outdoors. Look to them for your replacement cushions.

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