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Photo Find: Toast Spring/Summer 2011 Catalogue

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Photo Find: Toast Spring/Summer 2011 Catalogue

I’m a huge fan of British lifestyle brand Toast; their clothing and home accessories. I’m especially fond of their twice-yearly House & Home catalogue, which I wait for with bated breath. Usually filmed in some gorgeous, far-flung locale, they just drip with style.

Spring / Summer 2011 is no exception. Filmed on Mediterranean isles, it speaks of sun-washed colours, leisurely lunches and warm summer breezes. Exactly the kind of escape I could use right now, in fact.

Have a Happy Friday!

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Cool Kitchen: The One-Piece Difference

Hello friends, long time no see! My one-week break from blogging turned into a rather extended absence. School, work and other commitments are piling up around here, but I’ve missed this space too much to let it continue any longer. Bring on the cool kitchens!

Yesterday, the style-savvy bloggers over at The Kitchn posted a profile on design firmThe Brooklyn Home Company. Instantly, I was smitten with their look- clean, modern, somewhat quirky and lots of that “white and wood” that I love so much. One image in particular stood out for me- a one-wall kitchen in a small apartment which seemed, well, a little plain. Clean and practical, yes- but hardly inspiring.

Then I noticed a second photo; the same space with the addition of a rough-hewn wood island. Equal parts rustic and arty, this piece stopped me in my tracks:

Sometimes it just takes one great piece to take a space from fine to fantastic, don’t you think?

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