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The Causes of Construction Delays

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The Causes of Construction Delays

Construction delays arise for a number of reasons, from personnel problems to issues regarding suppliers or key management personnel. The most common delays deal with contracts, and usually have to do with scope of work. In this brief guide, you’ll learn a bit more about construction delay claims and what they mean for a business.


Personnel can be one of the biggest sources of disputes, either through injury or disagreement. The sudden loss of key personnel should be filled by construction consultants able to handle the pressures involved, not by promoting from within during a crisis.

Injury can be a severe source of headache, but a safe construction zone isn’t hard to ensure. You can hire construction consulting services to walk the grounds of the site and make sure that everyone is working with safety in mind. Institute firm policies, and have repercussions for those who ignore them.


Materials disputes, either through shortage or delay of delivery, are another cause for concern. Typically, the matter is as simple as documenting what was ordered and comparing it to what was delivered. If your bookkeeping is poor, this could be a problem. Invest in a consultant, or hire someone to clean up the outfit’s books and track everything. Even then, filing the claim can be a difficult and time-consuming matter.

Other Challenges

Sometimes, the issue is slow response. That’s a frequent problem when companies or government institutions need to talk to one another, as everyone has their own priorities in mind. In these situations, a claim can help compensate everyone involved for wasted time waiting for permits or other important documents.

Lyle Charles is a construction consultant with more than 30 years in commercial construction dispute resolution. Contact Lyle Charles Consulting to settle construction disputes quickly.

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