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What a Consultant Can Offer You

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What a Consultant Can Offer You

You might not think of construction consulting when you’re trying to remodel your kitchen, but there is a lot you can benefit from if you hire a consultant. Consultants aren’t designers, but they do offer some services you’ll find useful as you do a remodel project.

Permit Advice

Construction consulting services can play an important and indispensible role acquiring permits from your local and state authorities. You’ll need to have plans cleared by state and local authorities to be sure you’re authorized to build in your area, and that you can make those improvements without incident.

Permits deal with land use, zoning of the home, and general upkeep. They are designed to make sure you build a safe and sustainable upgrade to your home. Consultants are good for reviewing those plans.

Material Sourcing

Another area that construction advisory services offer valuable benefits to you is in sourcing your materials. They can help you choose strong support steel, quality woods and generally keep prices low while outfitting your home in resilient materials. Replacing counter tops may not require so much effort, but adding square footage to your kitchen is a big job. You’ll want someone on your side to help you buy the right materials.

Other Roles

No one likes to talk about disputes, but they happen all the time. As the property owner, your contractors can try to hold you at fault for disputes related to injury and unsafe working conditions. An advisor can play the role of claims analyst or mediator, helping to expedite claims.

Lyle Charles offers construction consulting services to commercial and residential clients, and has a 30 year track record in the industry.

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