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Types of cushion interiors

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Types of cushion interiors

Written by The Foam Factory

When adding cushions to furniture, thin sheets of foam form a layer over the physical components of the furniture. This is the foam seat. Then an inexpensive form of lining covers the foam sheets. Any decorative fabric goes over this lining.  This is the platform upon which any additional upholstered cushions sits. These cushions could be detachable, fixed or loose, depending on the furniture. When it comes to the interior of the cushions, there are three primary types: feather, polyester fiber, and foam:


This is the most popular form of filling for any application. It could be seat foam, cushions, or even padding. Why is it so popular? Because foam is resilient and easy to manipulate. It is common for the foam to soften by as much as 20-30% in a few months. The higher the density, the more the firm the cushion. Like duck feather below, the foam can also be wrapped with polyester fiber to increase comfort levels.

Feather and Fiber

We will look at feather and fiber together, as it is very rare for the exclusive use of either for cushions. Pure duck feather pillows are luxurious and comfortable. However, they are not practical for must use, making a hybrid of the two the most common use of both. Unlike foam, there is a high possibility that it can cause an allergic reaction, which is why everyone should try them before using them for cushions.


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